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The Rec Room § Recreation: reading material, snacks, games

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30th November 2007

lem0nb0mbs12:22pm: Community News: New tools from LJ for marking adult content
As announced by LJ, and posted in lj_biz:
New Settings & Flagging Tools
In an effort to ensure people under the age of 18 do not see inappropriate content, we added a new functionality to LiveJournal today. Ultimately, this functionality will affect a very small percentage of the millions of LJ users, but we want to be sure everyone has a clear understanding of how it works and why we've implemented this change.

At LiveJournal, we recognize that there is some content that may be fine for adults, but not for kids. We don't want kids seeing content that's not meant for them, and we know you don't either. LiveJournal wants to prevent minors from seeing adult content in a way that does not interfere with the experience of users who are 18 and over. The ability to set entries, journals, and communities as either "Adult Concepts" or "Explicit Adult Content" is a functionality community maintainers and users have been requesting for a long time. As a result, we've created a set of tools that give you control over whether the things you create and share on LJ are accessible to people under the age of 18.


As mod for this community, I am going to ask that you use these tools here where appropriate. The drop-down menu for these tools is on the lower right of the entry controls -- below the comment & screening tools, and right of the mood/location/music fields.

We haven't had any problems with inappropriately presented adult content before, completely because you all have been thoughtful in your posts, and compliant with posting guidelines. I don't think there will be any problems in the future.

2nd November 2007

lem0nb0mbs7:29pm: Threadbare, PG13, SG1
I'm breaking my own rule and posting this here, so I can link it to Pornucopia. My own LJ is now flocked only, so I can't link it there, and (blush) I don't have web-space.

The story came out more implied and subtle than blatant. I figure you can all flex your "what have they been up to?" muscles.

read it hereCollapse )

29th October 2007

lem0nb0mbs7:13pm: festive holiday pimpage
surreallis presents an LJ Holiday Special!

"It's the Great Pornicopia, General O'Niell!"

Go post prompts now (pairings and one-word prompts). On Halloween they will appear in the Pumpkin Patch be posted. Comment-porn will ensue through november 11.

Paricipate and pimp at every house with a light on in your LJ.

That is all.

1st October 2007

lem0nb0mbs9:58am: Venture Brothers vid rec!
By cassiddidy.

If'n you didn't know, Venture Brothers is NOT for kids. It's is probably work-safe if you work somewhere you can get away with watching vids whislt on the clock anyway. ;-)


Pass it on, please!

21st September 2007

lem0nb0mbs1:00am: Box o' scifi fan goodies
I am selling off more of my fandom stuff (Farscape, Babylon 5, Star Trek, etc.) because I have so much, and I really need some bucks for moving and stuff. I am moving this weekend, so this is a three-day auction. Please pass it on and pimp as you please. Thanks!


Current Mood: hopeful

1st September 2007

lem0nb0mbs9:12pm: my two favorite universes of all!
astrogirl2 whipped up a crossover fic of my two favorit-ist-everrrr series, Farscape and Futurama. Yes, for real. Read it, it'll make you smile!

(Brain Man)
Current Mood: pleased

19th July 2007

eve1110:11pm: fic: Familiarity by aralias, Doctor Who, G, spoilers for 3x13
Drive-by rec:Familiarity by aralias

Introspective and true to character, within the confines of the bizarre canon that "The Last of the Time Lords" gave us. Great characterization of the Master.

5th June 2007

eve1110:43pm: Threads by Vali (Doctor Who, Fourth Doctor, Romana I)
Threads by Vali-- fantastic, fascinating character study of Romana as she comes into her own, meeting the Doctor for the first time. Dialogue is brilliant, characterization is wonderful, as is the cloying portrayal of Gallifreyan culture. Just, go read now.

30th May 2007

eve118:31pm: Rec: Huntsman by Lizbee (Ten/Martha/TARDIS
Huntsman by lizbee tells a creepy, riveting tale of the repercussions of looking into the TARDIS. Great plot, great characterization, just go read now :)

13th May 2007

auntiemeesh6:55pm: SGA fic: The Taste of Apples by Auburn
The Taste of Apples by Auburn. This is a really powerful fic, long and plotty, gen with just the barest hint of McKay/Sheppard pre-slash at the end. Sheppard's team has an encounter that will change them all forever.

22nd April 2007

eve119:39pm: Remixes! Go forth, read, and be happy
Here are some recs, and do check out the originals too-- it's like two recs for the price of one! I've been going by fandom, so in no particular order:

Doctor Who: The Strangest of Places (The lacrimosa dies illa Remix), which puts a new spin on the Time War, and makes the Doctor's choice all the sadder for it. And Blow it Down (the Straw House Remix), which tells a fascinating tale of a girl who was not Rose Tyler.

Farscape: Rygel is making out like a bandit for this remix, and the world is better for it. In these two stories he is at his best -- observant, shrewd, lonely, misunderstood, and strangely empathetic: Seasons of the Emperor's Regrets (the You Get What Everyone Gets Remix) and Never Trust a Dog to Watch Your Food (Give Me the Chocolate and Nobody Gets Hurt Remix).

Stargate (SG1): The Sangata, Book 1 (The Ramayana Remix) which takes a wonderful Sam-on-her-own story and re-tells it in Epic form, showing implicity the effect on history that one Sam Carter leaves in her wake. Wonderful language and use of storytelling here (and I think I might know who wrote this one...). Next, 08 April 2004 (the Hotel California Remix), remixes a short and painful flash fic by tripoli and makes it at once longer and more painful, and still hopeful and fulfilling. And a flash of humor that just left me grinning: Those Eyebrows--! (Methods of Governance Remix), in which a still-a-bit-starstruck Cameron Mitchell goes on his fifth excursion with SG-1, and gets called "Newbie" for his trouble.

19th April 2007

eve1110:16pm: DW rec: The Bigger Picture by sensiblecat
The Bigger Picture. Martha and the Doctor after Gridlock. Nice character voices and insights, and just a wonderful little piece that has Martha getting used to the TARDIS and the Doctor getting used to Martha.

28th March 2007

eve119:52am: A million years to the Sky by niamaea (SG-1 post-series)
A million years to the sky. SG-1 post series that sees the transition from world-saving to world-living, the joys, sorrows, and inevitable conclusions. Character death, futurefic.

24th March 2007

lem0nb0mbs3:02am: scientastic fanfic challenge: fact is often stranger than fiction
How about some fics based on some actual weird science? Any kind of science: astronomy, anthropology, medicine, you name it. There is a lot out there, and much of it's on the internet.

Suggested topics:

  1. Singing sand dunes

  2. Earth's travelling companion

  3. Mirror neurons

  4. Living computers, artificial brains

  5. A murdering mind

  6. The city that is half the world

...and so on.

Fics can be any length, any fandom, and kind. Please include a link to the news article/web site that is related to the story. Take your inspiration in any way you wish.

No time limit -- this can be an ongoing challenge -- just report back here!

Pimp this around if you please.


19th March 2007

eve116:48am: Rec: the Doors series by spastasmagoria
Did I work on my remix story this weekend? No. Did I work on my thesis? No. Did I get sucked into a long, plotty 10th Doctor story with an OC? Yeees. I wish there were fewer typos in this series, because the plot deserves better. It's a post-Doomsday lengthy fic series focusing on adventures and connections between the two parallel universes, the most important being little Violet Tyler, who is a, ahem, very special child. Stick with this one, though, because while the author hasn't managed to master the spellcheck toward the beginning of the series, it gets better, and they also have a great mind for plot and adventure. Forgive them some its/it's, your/you're and odd dialogue spelling choices, it's still a rollicking good tale.

the Doors series

“You make it sound like there’s a good day to be eaten by lions. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, today isn’t a good day. Perhaps I can be eaten by lions a week from Thursday? That would really be better for me. Really? Let me pencil you in.’”

17th March 2007

eve1110:29am: Caissa's Muse, by Rigel (SG-1)
rigel_7 wrote me a ficlet!

Caissa's Muse, Stargate SG-1, from the prompt "Sam and Daniel friendship, chess". It's a great piece not only for the battle of Sam and Daniel on the chessboard, but also for the whole team, in their reactions, strategies and suggestions. It made me very happy on this snowy morning :)ons. It made me very happy on this snowy morning :)

14th March 2007

lem0nb0mbs3:45pm: SG1 fic: "Paper, Scissors, Yak"
gravi_ity wrote the wonderful "Paper, Scissors, Yak" after gleaning inspiration from another fic and discussion. Daniel-centric, gen and very gentle. A lovely, fun read!
Current Mood: calm

13th March 2007

eve117:07pm: SG1 fic rec: Things Not Dreamed by stargazercmc
Short piece, but very lyrical. Things Not Dreamed by stargazercmc. It's got a great Daniel-centric voice, and wonderful imagery and language.

4th March 2007

eve118:16pm: Rec: Travel Light (Farscape/Doctor Who) by Astrogirl
Travel Light is a wonderful, plotty tale in which the Seventh Doctor and Ace end up in the Uncharteds post PK-wars, embroiled in a battle between rebel Baniks and Peacekeepers. astrogirl2 gives us a glimpse of a post-war Stark who is learning and healing, but still carries pain and self-doubt, and it is marvellous to see his character grow (or more so, realign?) during the course of the story. The Doctor and Ace characterizations are fantastic as well (Ace is quickly becoming my favorite Companion What I've Only Seen in Fic and Vids), and I love the image of Pilot and the Doctor conversing. Lovely story, I'm very sad it took me this long to read it!

ETA: fixed the link to astro's lj version :)

3rd March 2007

eve1110:47pm: Quick rec
Golden by dknightshade. SG-1, gen, G. Teal'c and Jack Friendship fic that is short but nicely in character and shows a lovely AU future moment between them. Go forth and read!

24th February 2007

eve119:05am: SG1 darkfic: In this Galaxy We Left Footprints on the Moon by annowre
annowre apparently writes mainly HP, but she stepped up as a backup writer for the dark_gate ficathon (master list here). It's a latecomer, and sometimes those can get overlooked, but oh my, don't pass this one over if you have a penchant for darkfic. annowre breaks the Earth and the team along with it, with amazing lyrical style. It's a poetry of NC-17, het, slash, death and destruction: In This Galaxy We Left Footprints on the Moon.

17th February 2007

lem0nb0mbs6:03pm: interesting discussion on writing adult-rated fic
The star of our last few posts, thassalia, made a post about writing NC-17 fic with various kinds of sexual content, and the difficulties this presents in the different universes/fandoms. There are many good replies, and many thought-provoking questions.

(click to go to that post/discussion; warning, occasional mention of specific sex acts included)

the cut wherin I jump in the water and begin a discussion related to the topic -- again, kind of adult, so if you are under, oh, 13 years old, go away.Collapse )

So, to quote Daniel Jackson, that's what *I* think. What do YOU think?
Current Mood: thoughtful

16th February 2007

lem0nb0mbs9:56pm: Got OT3? Another sizzling fic rec
Not for everyone down the pike, but if you like OT3 and SG1, grab a cold wet towel (you will need it, trust me) and enjoy.
So scorching, the link gets a age-affirmation cut:
Very NC-17 fic. By clicking this link you are verifying that you are over the age of 18.Collapse )
Current Mood: naughty

15th February 2007

lem0nb0mbs8:40pm: Heart Like A Wheel Means Racecar Dreams (Farscape, NC-17)
Title: Heart Like A Wheel Means Racecar Dreams
Author: Thea (thassalia)
Author's Notes: Farscape, S2 (Late, no spoilers). NC-17. Porn. Just porn. And valentines.

As usual, a frelling good job -- dead-on characterizations, and tension that could split a hair.

1st February 2007

lem0nb0mbs4:24am: February challenge -- create-a-thing-a-day
(February is create-a-thing-a-day month! Read about it here!)

I figure that includes all the verbal and digital arts. Fic, images, vids, what have you? Well? What have you got?

If you don't feel comfortable posting your creative endeavors on the main Creative Act site, you are welcome to post them, or links to them, here. Also, we all want easy access to what you made, hee!


PS: now would be a nifty time to try that prompt-a-day gizmo what I posted about before. ;-D
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