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The Rec Room § Recreation: reading material, snacks, games

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The Rec Room!
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Fic. You know you want more!

Join this community if you want to post recs, play games, challenges, and mess about. Friend us if you just want to sit on a beanbag chair and watch the rumpus.

Update Feb. 2006: This community will now offer fic challenges. Because we crave entertainment, and we all love a good dare.

This moderated community wants, craves, needs recs -- reader approved and reccommended fanfic links. All fandoms and ratings are welcome, but all qualifying fics must be about fictional characters -- no real people.

We card because we care!
Because members may post links to adult-themed fics, membership is moderated. Either you have to have your date of birth in your profile, or you must convince us otherwise by email that you are old enough, legally, to read smut. I suggest the former. It's easier for everyone involved.

We mod because we care!
All posts are moderated to maintain format and community quality standards. And to eliminate spam.

Posts must contain title, link/cut to story, author, fandom, rating (gen, pg-13, R, NC-17, and if you like, qualifications such as language, adult situations, pure smut, slash, etc.). Links to rec pages work the same and are welcome, even encouraged. We're pimping recs here, the very best recs! IMPORTANT: All posts/links MUST contain the rating. If an adult fic gets linked to and there is no rating warning, we all is'n trouble.

Same goes for replies to challenges: Same labeling, ratings, etc.

Spoiler warnings must be in the link/cut title. Even little spoilers. As someone who was spoiled for the last ep of Farscape, I can tell tell you just how being spoiled by a subject line sucks.

Please archive story on your own journal or other archive. Should this community ever close up shop, you'll thank us for this.

We toss crap out, because we care!

Fic-related stuff only.

No "friendly" spam, such as: birthday wishes, requests for beta readers, GIPs and so on. Comments on posted links should be posted as comments only. No flames; wank!drama.

Any post not following the rules, or generally pissing the mods off, will be tossed in the virtual stinky trashbin.

No unfriendly spam either. Go market your male enhancement or other grift elsewhere. Better yet, don't.

This community is moderated by lem0nb0mbs. Lightly and gently. Because you all rock so much.

This community is available as a news feed. Our goal is to bring the very best recs from all over right to your breakfast table (or bed, car, hotel room, parkbench, whatever) on the internet browsing device of your choice. Because of this, PLEASE remember to enter a subject line to your post. If you don't, the news feed will display a blank space, and no one will click thru the feed.

If your fandom is not listed in the interests section...don't worry. It doesn't mean we aren't interested<, we just have been busy doing other things. We'll add it eventually.

See a typo? a bad link? Let somebody know. Thanks!