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Remixes! Go forth, read, and be happy

Here are some recs, and do check out the originals too-- it's like two recs for the price of one! I've been going by fandom, so in no particular order:

Doctor Who: The Strangest of Places (The lacrimosa dies illa Remix), which puts a new spin on the Time War, and makes the Doctor's choice all the sadder for it. And Blow it Down (the Straw House Remix), which tells a fascinating tale of a girl who was not Rose Tyler.

Farscape: Rygel is making out like a bandit for this remix, and the world is better for it. In these two stories he is at his best -- observant, shrewd, lonely, misunderstood, and strangely empathetic: Seasons of the Emperor's Regrets (the You Get What Everyone Gets Remix) and Never Trust a Dog to Watch Your Food (Give Me the Chocolate and Nobody Gets Hurt Remix).

Stargate (SG1): The Sangata, Book 1 (The Ramayana Remix) which takes a wonderful Sam-on-her-own story and re-tells it in Epic form, showing implicity the effect on history that one Sam Carter leaves in her wake. Wonderful language and use of storytelling here (and I think I might know who wrote this one...). Next, 08 April 2004 (the Hotel California Remix), remixes a short and painful flash fic by tripoli and makes it at once longer and more painful, and still hopeful and fulfilling. And a flash of humor that just left me grinning: Those Eyebrows--! (Methods of Governance Remix), in which a still-a-bit-starstruck Cameron Mitchell goes on his fifth excursion with SG-1, and gets called "Newbie" for his trouble.
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